Your Options for Google AdWords Management in Melbourne

Identifying PPC as your point of Call

1. You’re a company based in Melbourne.

2. You’ve been looking into digital marketing and are keen to get started.

3. You’ve looked into PPC and think that would be a good starting block.

4. You think focusing on Google AdWords management will be the way to go.

Now what?

Firstly, well done on identifying PPC as your first point of call on your digital marketing journey. As covered in our post on how SEO and PPC work together, PPC services like Google AdWords provide you with a great area to test the strengths of your business online. Your initial campaigns will teach you a lot about what keywords customers associate with your company’s website. Sometimes you uncover some gems you didn’t even think of.




Back to the point at hand – how do you go about choosing a Melbourne AdWords manager that will deliver on what you need?


An answer of “Google it. Obviously” is correct. But what happens after you punch ‘Google AdWords Management Melbourne’ into your search engine? You get result upon result telling you that they are the best and to choose their well-priced package.


Now we’ve already talked through our 5 steps to choosing a Google AdWords consultant, so we thought we’d detail the different types of AdWords management that are available to the businesses of Melbourne and the rest of Australia.


1. Search Engine Marketing Agencies: Like us! These digital marketing agencies provide complete online services. From SEO to content to PPC, they have all bases covered. Typically, these companies will handle high-spend Google AdWords management – clients who are looking to allocate large marketing budgets to PPC, remarketing and other online advertising channels. If you are a big business, Search Engine Marketing Agencies will best be able to adapt to your needs.


2. PPC Consultants: These guys are usually working solo and are great if you are looking for a smaller investment into Google AdWords. A solo consultant will typically manage a handful of accounts to ensure you aren’t just running your campaign, but learning along the way. Great for small businesses with a low budget.


3. The Fakers: Unfortunately these guys do exist. Usually they are working solo or play out that they are a part of a company. Follow our 5-step guide linked above and you should be able to weed out the pretenders.


These are three pretty broad categories, but give you an idea of what types of managers are out there. There is crossover between the agencies and the solo consultants. Some agencies have great small business teams. Some solo consultants specialise in big spending industries like finance or insurance and are called on for specific campaigns. It’s all about research!


Find a few you like in your area and then make some calls.


Why haven’t we just made this article all about recommending FYIC?
At Find Your Ideal Customers, we are looking to work with businesses that we can make the biggest difference to. We have years of experience in Google AdWords management and, as a result, want to work with clients who match this expertise.


The best way to know if we are the right fit for your business is to get in touch. That way we can analyse your needs and say ‘welcome aboard’ or guide you to one of our Melbourne based contacts to ensure you are still getting a great level of service.


It’s all about getting you the right fit!


Learn more about the author, give us a ring at 1300-76-00-84 and ask to speak directly to Jayson Rodda, today.

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