Using Negative Keywords

How to Take Advantage of Negative Keywords

The features of Google adwords are constantly evolving. In order to make the most of Google adwords you’ll need to update your knowledge of adwords.


We already learned and understood the use of Adwords keywords tool and adwords match types in previous articles. So, here we are going to a guide on how to use negative keywords.


What Is A Negative Keyword?

First, let us get to know what negative keywords actually are. This is a type of targeting for keywords within adwords, which some also refer to as, a match type, that will exclude certain terms or phrases out of your advertisement. This means that some search terms are selectively filtered out because they may not be related to your business.


Examples of Negative keywords

To better understand, let’s take the example of a business selling baby clothes. The goals of all advertisers are to provide the highest ROI for the adwords campaign.



The screenshot below, on the left side shows the keyword ideas related to baby clothes. If you look deeper, there are keywords that are not useful because our niche is baby clothes and yet keyword ideas for kids, toddlers and even hats are showing up. So, can I exclude these words? Yes, you can and that’s where negative keywords come in.


 Adwords help/Find Your Ideal Customers


So you can see from the above screenshot that with the help of negative keywords, you easily weed out words that are not relevant to your business or targeted keyword ideas.
The next question in this adwords help article is; how should you use negative keywords in your adwords campaign? It’s a bit complicated, but if you just follow the steps below this should become easier to understand.

The first step:

First off, you have to do keyword research to define the keywords that you want to include in your adword campaign. Just like what we did on the above screenshot. Also, analyse the keyword ideas that the keyword tool gave you; from here you would have an idea of what words that you want filtered out. In the example above, (w/o negative keywords) we saw search terms like: cheap, kids, toddlers and hats—which we don’t want my site to show up in.



The first part is the crucial point where you need to identify key terms that you feel will not add value in your campaign. Consequently, if you identified negative keywords wrongly it may negatively impact your adwords performance, especially your ROI.



Even if you already have an adwords campaign going, you can still add negative keywords and you still need to go through step one.

The second step:

The next step is to add your negative keywords in your adwords campaign by logging in to your google adwords account and opening up the specific campaign where you’re going to add the negative keywords.

Scroll down the page, click on the negative keywords and then click add.


 photo consultant_zps8c339f39.jpg


Once you have clicked add, a new box will open where you can add one negative keyword per line. Once done, click save and your negative keywords are now incorporated in your adwords campaign.


 photo consultant_zpsd68599e3.jpg


Congratulations! You will have potentially saved your account from wasting money on the wrong visitors, better still without paying a Google Adwords Consultant.



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