Using Google Analytics & Adwords

Google Analytics & AdWords : Knowledge is Key

Google Analytics is considered by many internet marketers to be essential in running successful Google Adwords campaigns. It allows you to track and measure at very granular levels the traffic that comes into your site. As a free tool provided by Google, Google Analytics make it easy for you to analyze the clicks made by potential customers to your website. Below are some of the many benefits of Google Analytics.


  • Very complex platform compared with other tools, easy to use & fantastic insights
  • Assess the flow of traffic through your website to key pages such as lead or sales.
  • Assess performance of other marketing efforts via sources of traffic to focus on areas providing best returns


Since this particular tool is considered a great companion with other available SEO services, Google Analytics was built to work in sync with Google Adwords. However, there are still many internet marketers who just don’t understand the insights that should be gained.


Information is power

Knowledge provides power, in life and especially with internet marketing. When potential clients visit your website, they are usually looking for information before they are compelled to act. Understanding which search terms are driving conversions and those that are not engaging with your site will provide immediate areas for improvement. Utilising Google Analytics with Adwords is very beneficial as it allows you to do the following:


  • Easily compare performance across all channels including Adwords versus other channels
  • Insights gained from Adwords & SEO should be applied to improve online marketing efforts
  • Understand what pages in your site are most important to customers

Integrating Google Adwords Management with Google Analytics


Adwords allows you to buy ads that are displayed to users who are either searching in Google or browsing websites within the content network of Google whereas Google Analytics allows you to easily track as well as analyze the performance of the traffic on your website. Combining the two services will definitely help you improve your insights into your websites performance. Below are some of the steps on how to use both tools together.


  • Create your own account in Google Adwords.
  • Link your Google Adwords and your Google Analytics accounts.
  • As soon as your two accounts are linked, choose auto-tagging so that Google can tag as well as keep track of your Adwords links.
  • You can keep track of the conversion from your Google Analytics account.


Google Analytics and Adwords together are a very powerful combination. Used properly should help you get “more of the good” and identify which areas of your website are under performing.


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