Why you aren’t showing up on Google Places

Google Places, maps great source of traffic

Google Places, Maps, Local or however you refer to it these days, is a great source of traffic for businesses. If you have a physical store location, then having your business listed in Google Places ensures you attract customers looking to visit a local business.


Google Places is a tough nut to crack. Depending on your industry, you could have a ton of businesses vying for the ‘A’ marker for top search terms related to your company. Do a few searches – your business name is a good start – and see what comes up.


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Do you see your business marked correctly on Google maps for your brand name search? What about when you search a keyword and location related to your business? If not, then you have some work to do to get your Places listing right.


Steps to Google Places Perfection

1. Citations: search for your brand name and find any directories or we

bsites that list your full name and address. Now check that your name and address is listed the exact same way across every website. Any variation, no matter how minor, will make the Google search-bots think they are looking at another business. Contact any website that has your listing wrong and ask the Webmaster to change it for you.


2. Get verified: find your business’ Local page and click the link that reads, “claim”. You’ll then have a Google postcard sent to your business address. This postcard contains a code that you need to enter into your Google Local Business account to access the backend of your Places listing. There you’ll be able to make edits and jazz the whole thing up, as we mention below.


3. Profile: fill it in as much as you can. That means photos, videos, operating hours, cards accepted, business summary – anything that will be beneficial to customers. Google is more likely to rank a business page that is full of helpful information for searchers.


4. Reviews: these are a great way to keep your Places page looking fresh and up-to-date. Positive reviews from customers show that you are ticking along proficiently as a business, something that will appeal to Google’s search-bots when it comes to ranking.


I’ve done the above and I still can’t see my business

This is when it gets tricky. Not to mention frustrating. You’ve ticked all the boxes and you still can’t see your Places listing. Merged listings could be the culprit. This happens when there are two business listed at the same address. If you share a building with another company, check that your details aren’t showing up under their business name.


If this is all drawing blanks and you are still without a functioning Google Places page, head to Google’sreport a problem section. Here you’ll be able to get in touch with Google to let them know your troubles. Don’t expect your results to be instant though. As you can imagine, 100’s of problems are submitted daily to the Google team, so you’ll have to be patient and wait for an answer.


Any more Google Places questions?Contact us.


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