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SEO services have now become so widely available that not considering it for your business is tantamount to career suicide. Because search engine optimisation can spell the difference between your website rising to the top of a search engine’s rankings or vanishing into oblivion, more and more companies now see the wisdom in seeking the help of a SEO services company to help enhance their performance within search engines.


The good news is that finding a qualified search engine marketing consultant doesn’t have to be like searching for a needle in a haystack. By running a quick search on Google, chances are you will be inundated with digital marketing agencies of all shapes and sizes each claiming to be the best and most qualified in SEO services. However, the one thing that you need to look out for is experience.




Why you can trust us


We are a digital marketing start-up agency called Find Your Ideal Customers. Specialising in SEO services, search engine marketing, and Google AdWords, to name a few, we are backed with years of experience in search engine optimisation. Our founder, Jayson Rodda, spent 10 years learning the ropes and training professionals on how to get the most out of SEO through tools such as Google AdWords. Whereas many search engine marketing consultants claim to be experts after only 5,000 hours of experience, Jayson can lay claim to no less than 15,000 hours—earning him the nickname “the Oracle” among industry insiders and those in-the-know.


Our philosophy is that with the right tools and guidance, any business is capable of succeeding online. With this in mind, Jayson decided to set-up his own agency dedicated to helping SMEs and large enterprises with their SEO requirements. We have already signed on with several Melbourne-based clients since our recent inception and have been putting Jayson’s impressive expertise to good use by helping these businesses achieve the SEO status they desire.


The secret of our success


We firmly believe that the key to successful search engine optimisation lies in understanding every detail there is to know about your product and customers. To go beyond SEO and reap the rewards it can bring, you must know how best to promote your product and company online. This can only be achieved through a complete understanding of your product’s features, why it’s better than the competition’s, and what your customers like about it. Once you are armed with this intelligence, only then can you formulate which keywords you need to use to generate a higher percentage of matches for every search.


This is where we can help you. More than just ensuring that we provide you with unrivalled SEO services, we also excel in pay per click services, search engine marketing, content marketing, display advertising, Facebook advertising, conversion rate optimisation, as well as paid searches across other networks such as Bing and Yahoo. Our strength lies not in just the expertise of our founder, but also in his natural flair for explaining how each function works in a way that even novice techies can understand.


Give us a call and let’s talk


What are you waiting for? To get the most out of SEO services, pick up the phone, give us a ring at 1300-76-00-84 and ask to speak directly to Jayson Rodda, today.

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