Search Engine Marketing : SEO and PPC – how do they work together?

SEO and PPC delivers Search Engine Marketing Success

SEO and PPC are two of the most talked about topics in search engine marketing. Of course, this is largely because they are the two topics that together form search engine marketing,
A lot of our clients have raised questions around just what the differences are between SEO and PPC, along with how they work together to deliver search engine marketing success.


Below, we’ll run you through a search engine marketing timeline and detail to you just some of the instances SEO and PPC work together.

The journey begins with PPC

We at Find Your Ideal Customers have a new client starting with us*. His name is John and he is the owner of John’s Jumping Castles.


 PPC and SEO | How do they work together?


John is new to the SEM field. In fact he only had his website built a few months ago. As a result, John does not have much traffic coming through his website. No traffic means that theFind Your Ideal Customers team don’t have much analytical data to work with. The answer is PPC.


The FYIC PPC specialists allocate John’s SEM budgets to a Google AdWords campaign. They target a range of keywords to see just which ones garner the best results for John’s website. After a month or so, the results start to show.


John’s Jumping Castles seems to have the best click through rate on searches around ‘kids birthday jumping castles’. This is the keyword group that has delivered the most traffic to his website and it has also given him the most amount of conversions. There is also some decent numbers showing up around ‘carnival jumping castles’ and ‘permanent jumping castles’.


With this information at hand, it is time for the SEO work to really get started.

Now add some SEO

Whilst the initial PPC campaign has been running, the FYIC SEOteam have been busy building some base links, organising citations and developing content for John’s homepage and main service pages.

Now, with this new PPC information in hand, they can extend and improve their work. There was already a page setup for kid’s birthday parties and content has already been well optimised. Some keywords that worked well in the PPC campaign were not originally thought to be important, so they are added to the content.


The two clusters around ‘carnival’ and ‘permanent’ jumping castles were a surprise for John. He didn’t think there was much potential out there for such work, but the PPC campaign has shown otherwise. Two new pages are developed by FYIC to target these terms through SEO.


Now that the main PPC keywords have been included in the SEO strategy, the FYIC team can scale down John’s AdWords spending. It will still operate, but at a lesser level. This way the focus can be on the SEO campaign and gaining John leads that don’t cost-per-click.


And there you have it. The example of John’s Jumping Castles gives you a basic idea of how SEO and PPC work together in a search engine marketing campaign. If you would like to know more, contact us!

*This story is completely fictional. John’s Jumping Castles is a made up business. If such a business does exist, this article is in no reference to them.


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