Our AdWords specialists and the new Google Keyword Planner

AdWords Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator another interface

As mentioned in our post on the tools our team uses to benefit clients, the Google AdWords Keyword Tool is a cornerstone of search engine marketing.


It acted as our resource to turn keywords into meaningful numbers. It was the tool that allowed us to give you projection numbers to highlight just what traffic we could achieve for your website. It was our rock. But, now it’s gone.

Well, not gone completely. Google recently announced that a new and improved tool called the Keyword Planner would replace the old Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

Previously, Google offered the AdWords Keyword Tool and another interface called Traffic Estimator. They both had their own functions, but were both   used frequently by search engine marketing consultants and AdWords specialists. As a result, combining the two tools into one made sense for the search engine giant and marketers alike.


Another reason for the change is to give their keyword assistant a general clean up. Both the Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator had been around for a while and, if they weren’t combined into the Keyword Planner, probably would have gone under the knife soon for a makeover anyway.


AdWords specialists


What are the changes?

Google lists a few features of the Keyword Planner that are different to the Keyword Tool/Traffic Estimator. A lot of these are pretty industry lingo heavy so if you aren’t an AdWords expert, a lot of it may fly over your head. There are a few points that are worth noting though:


•Results are more exact. Previously the Keyword Tool gave you broad results. They are now a lot more targeted with exact match phrases the default setting. That’s means more accurate data.

•You can now drill down to cities, not just countries, for more location specific data.

•You can’t do device specific searches anymore. They are now lumped into one i.e. PC, mobile and tablet results.

•Traffic numbers seem higher in the Keyword Planner they were when using the Keyword Tool. This is because device specific data isn’t shown anymore, with all figures being pooled together.

More importantly, how will this impact my search engine marketing campaign?

From our point-of-view it’s business as usual. The new Keyword Planner will take some time to get used to (the Keyword Tool was a loved outlet in the FYIC offices) but won’t detract from our usual high standard of efficiency.


Ultimately, this change from Keyword Tool/Traffic Estimator to Keyword Planner will be a minor blip on the radar for our search engine marketing consultants. Our ability to provide quality Google AdWords help to our clients will continue at its usual high level!

Want to learn more about the Keyword Planner?

As always, we implore our customers to read up on anything SEM. That way we can talk more in-depth about your campaign.

•If you want to look into the new features and how to use the new keyword planner, click here.

•If you would like to start playing with the keyword planner yourself, click here.


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