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Boost Conversion Rates with Mobile Click to Call

Today, the internet is convenience which is why the huge increase in smartphones and other portable devices can be seen in most websites Google analytics accounts. Ignoring the significance of mobile devices will be at your own peril and become an opportunity for your competitors.


When clients search for a particular product in their smartphones, they are often compelled to call a particular business instead of going directly to the website. For this reason, Google Adwords allows advertisers to now receive phone calls for the cost of a click.


Clients can easily get in touch with your business by clicking the call option that appears next to your ads. Google true to its word, wants to provide its customers with the best user experience, which the click to call definitely achieves.


Mobile Click to Call is Utopia in conversion rates

Forget about conversion rates of websites, this gets no better than 100% conversion rate. This particular option is available in Google Adwords by enabling your call extensions in the Adwords campaign that you use.


Mobile phones and devices have proven to be sophisticated devices that bring people closer to information technology. Click to call ads are designed to make it easier for customers to get in touch with a particular business using their mobile phones.


In fact, this particular ad has driven millions of calls every week to many Google Advertisers all over the world. For this reason, this particular service is now available to 223 countries and is constantly undergoing improvements to accommodate the ever-changing mobile platform. Although this may be the case, this particular adwords strategy is effective for brands that target mobile users in a local market.


Is Adwords Click to Call easy to track – Yes!

There are lots of obvious benefits with using Adwords Click to Call, namely to track the search terms generating calls and you do not need to tag sites or encode URLS with many campaign parameters. Traditional conversion tracking only tracked online leads and online sales, most businesses accept that phone calls are the best source of serious prospects which were always difficult to track.


Set Up Mobile Click To Call

Setting up your own Mobile Click To Call Campaign is easy and all it takes is to use the call extension from Google Adwords. Below are the specific steps on how to completely set up this particular service for you or your clients:


  • Key in the phone number that you want your clients to reach you.
  • Select what type of call advertisement ad you want.
  • Select the call metrics radio button so that Google will create a voice number which will be displayed on your ads.


Before clicking on the “Save” button, you can also tweak other specifications on this particular advertisement. In fact, you have the option to not show your mobile ads in places where you do not have any business presence. This makes it very convenient for those who run a brick and mortar store. This particular tool will increase the leverage of your online business and if you are having problems setting it up, then there are lots of Adwords consulting services companies that can help you.



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