Linkbuilding in Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

A key Component of SEO Packages

A lot is said about link building when it comes to search engine marketing. It is a key component of SEO packages, simply because it gives Google and users a framework to follow.


Linking is a hot topic in every search engine marketing office. It’s a constant debate simply because there is so many ways to go about it. But before we get into the tactical analysis of link building as a part of SEO services, let’s look into some key words that relate to link building.


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Types of links in your search engine marketing campaign

Internal links: Refers to when you link from one page a website to another page on the same website. A good example is a link from your homepage to your services page. Internal links help setup a hierarchy to show Google and users what the important pages are on your site. E.g. your services page is more important than your blog post on tractors as the service page has more internal links pointed to it.


Backlinks: Refer to links coming to or going from your website. A backlink from a reputable, strong, relevant website (as judged by various SEM tools) is extremely beneficial for your SEO package. Think of it as word-of-mouth marketing. If a top fashion designer recommends your small fashion boutique to the media, your business will boom. The same goes with backlinks.


Citations: Citations refer to mentions of your business name and address around the web. Websites like Yelp, Google Local, Yellow Pages and other prominent directories are places you’ll find citations of your business. These types of links and mentions relate directly to Local SEO and give you strength in local rankings.


Social signals: Mentions on social media make up their own type of links. That’s why a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. are becoming more and more important for businesses. Done right, you can get thousands of people talking about and sharing your information on social websites. Put links to your website in your posts and you’ve got some strong links coming your way.


Why we need links for SEO

We build links into websites to direct users to relevant information. As mentioned above, you can be directing those users:


1.Around your own website

2.To other relevant information on another website (or vice versa)

3.From a directory to your website

4.From social media sites to your website


All these types of links give the Internet a framework. Search engines use this framework to crawl sites and find out what information is most useful for keyword X, Y and Z.


If a page on a website is getting a lot of backlinks sent to it for keyword X, then Google will acknowledge that this page might be suitable for their first page search results for that keyword. A number of other ranking factors will also be addressed before the coveted #1 spot is determined.


How do we go about links as a part of your SEO package?

Our SEO services utilise many different ways of finding and acquiring links. Obviously, internal links are something we can input instantly, as it is all on your own site. Backlinks take more work. If we manage your social media, we can assist with social signals as well.


It all depends on your investment into search engine marketing with Find Your Ideal Customers! If you would like to learn more about link practices or our various SEO packages, contact Jayson Rodda on 1300 76 00 84.


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