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FYIC is arguably Australia’s most experienced Google Adwords Management company. Our Adwords Company is a Certified Google Adwords Company which provides clients with the reassurance that our all hands on staff specialise and are certified in Google Adwords. Our founder starting using Adwords in 2002 when most businesses relied on Yellow Pages for new business.


Google Adwords Company:


Google Adwords Professionals do in fact vary in experience and skills. In most trades unless you have 4 years experience you would be considered an apprentice, we see it the same way. FYIC’s team in fact comprise Google Adwords Managers right through to Google Adwords Consultants. We consider the differences as follows: A Google Adwords Manager (is an apprentice) whom would often have between 1-3 years experience and work directly with a senior member who would be of Adwords consultant level. An Adwords Consultant would generally have a minimum 4 years experience and be capable of training in-house staff, speaking publicly about the intricacies of Adwords and have directly managed over $10 million in advertising spend.


Google Adwords Management


We welcome you to make contact with our Senior Adwords consultant whether you are an existing Adwords advertiser or just starting out. We also suggest that you talk with other companies in our space, be wary of promises made from salesmen. These salesmen will never have used Adwords nor have any experience of what the Adwords management process should entail.


Adwords company, which one?: The questions you must get answered


• Talk to your Adwords account manager prior to starting – not allowed… move on
• How many years experience with Adwords?
• Do they manage Adwords accounts full time or attend to other duties?
• How many clients do they look after?
• Who handles the most important Adwords clients? Why am I not talking with them?
• What experience in your market? – do they work with your competitors
• How would they deliver success for your business? What questions do you think they need to ask?
• What results should I expect & why?
• How often should we review my budget & why?


Adwords Management company – What to look for?


1. Somebody that asks detailed questions about your business
2. Experience in your Industry or across related range of clients
3. Not working with your direct competitors!!
4. Understanding of your sales process
5. Pay for best person that your money can buy


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