Google AdWords management – Why you shouldn’t do it alone

Googel AdWords Campaign Manager

Managing a Google AdWords campaign is a process that requires inherent knowledge of product and medium. Business owners, of course, know their products in-depth. In fact, they should be the go to source for anyone looking for information about their products. It is theirs after all.


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Because of this, a lot of business owners see themselves as the right person to manage their Google AdWords campaign. They know how to best market their own product along with what type of customers they want to attract.


Where this usually falls down is their lack of knowledge of the Google AdWords as a marketing medium. On first look, the interface seems basic. However, start entering in some keywords and you’ll soon find yourself scratching your head as to what you are looking at.


Then there are your budgets. AdWords is a PPC medium, meaning each ad-click will cost your business a set sum.


Test your AdWords knowledge

Are you familiar with all the AdWords related phrases below?

  • Click costs
  • Google display network
  • Remarketing
  • Mobile AdWords
  • Wastage
  • Geotargeting
  • Broad, Exact and Phrase match
  • Optimising for budget
  • Quality score
  • Click-to-call
  • Social extensions

Are you familiar with all the above? Could you put them into a sentence or explain them to others?


They are just a few key phrases that come up in everyday AdWords speak. You may know your product, but a PPC consultant knows AdWords, and will be able to ensure you don’t spend a fortune trying to market your goods online.


How do I know if a professional is managing my Google AdWords?

Our team at Find Your Ideal Customers is made up of two types of PPC professionals:

1. A Google AdWords Manager: This person will have had 1-3 years experience in managing Google AdWords campaigns. They are mentored by a Google AdWords Consultant to ensure their progression is swift.


2. Google AdWords Consultant: This person will generally have a minimum of 4 years experience in the PPC industry and have managed over $10 million in advertising spend. They are capable of training AdWords Managers and can speak publicly about the intricacies of AdWords


By having a good mix of AdWords Managers and Consultants, we are able to put forward a team full of both enthusiasm and knowledge.


The above is a strong guide to utilise when looking into someone to manage your Google AdWords campaign. It’s no good signing a contract only to find out that you have been placed in the hands of rookie Google AdWords Manager who has no Consultant guiding their bids.


The key is to ask to talk to your AdWords Consultant before you sign on with a company. A salesman’s job is to sell, so don’t simply trust that you are “getting the best” – ask to speak to their best. You’ll then quickly find out the quality of their AdWords team. You could even run them through the test we gave above!


If you are interested in talking to Find Your Ideal Customers about Google AdWords management, visit our contact page.


Learn more about the author, give us a ring at 1300-76-00-84 and ask to speak directly to Jayson Rodda, today.

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