Google adwords management cheat sheet for small budget

Google Adwords is a very user friendly platform that can provide a small business owner with complete control over who you want to advertise to and how much you are willing to pay per visitor. With 10 years of setting up, managing and reviewing Adwords accounts, I have a few simple tips that can be your cheat sheet to running successful Google Adwords management.

Google Adwords Cheat Sheet

We firmly believe that every business can succeed online. The foundation of success is based on the principles of:


• Identifying who your ideal customer is
• Understanding what your ideal customer wants and why
• Market more effectively than your competitors to this specific audience


Setting up your account:


Never rely on Google’s automatic settings. You need to maintain full control at all times. This would include selecting account setting such as; Google search Only (not search partners & display network), Max CPC setting (not auto bids – default setting) & accelerated ad delivery (not standard – as default).


Researching your keywords:


Google Adwords keyword is great starting point. Enter your website address into the tool and press search. This provides a good guide as to what Google see’s your site as being relevant to. If you find specific search terms that you believe are “most” relevant to your products and services these can be a good starting point.


* Select exact match – rather than broad match on the left hand side. This should provide the search volumes each month and the average cost per click.


I would recommend starting with only a handful of search terms – all with [Exact Match].


Structuring your account:


Budgets are set at a campaign level. Therefore given we are starting with small budget we need to control the spend which is done via having just one campaign. If you have chosen 2 services or products make sure you setup an adgroup that relates specifically to the keywords. For example: Adgroup 1 is for presentation folders & adgroup 2 is for Promotional stickers.


Ad scheduling & targeting:


Put yourself in your ideal customers shoes. Will they be searching during business hours or outside hours. Given you are starting small it is better to go one way or another. Most businesses would be 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday. If this is the case, changes settings to Mon-Fri & adjust hours.


If the average cost per click is expensive – you ideally should attract visitors you would have the best chance of converting into sales.


For example: You live in the suburbs of Melbourne and believe people choose to buy locally. Adjust your geo targeting of ads to be displayed 10km around where you are based. On the reverse, you believe that ideal customer is based in CBD target your ads there.


Winning the right to talk to and Find Your Ideal Customers:


Step 1:  Write compelling ad copy: Based on the benefits or problems you are solving


Research your major competitors.


What are they saying in ads, how do they present themselves via website, why are you different, what are their strengths and weaknesses, have you called them as a potential customer. How does your value proposition stack up with competitors?


Step 2:  Effective website communication


Remember first impressions count. You have seen your competitors, all of the good, bad & ugly. Make sure you send your Adwords customers to pages that demonstrate you understand your customer needs, clearly explain how you can help them & why your proposition in the market is unique. Include call to action forms, making it easy for them to; request additional information, join your newsletter, request a quotation.


Step 3: Tracking the performance


1.Every phone call you receive – ask what did you type to find us?
* THIS IS IMPORTANT – record it every time.

2.Via Adwords setup conversion tracking and install on thank you page

3.Monitor Adwords account & adjust based on recorded conversions and phone call intelligence.


This is a basic process that can be done with small spend. It is a process that is used across clients spending $100 to $100k per month in online advertising, just on different scales.


Find Your Ideal Customers is a Start up Australian Digital Marketing Agency that draws on specialists skills including; Adwords Management, SEO Services, Content marketing, display advertising, facebook advertising, conversion rate optimisation and paid search across other networks including Bing and Yahoo.


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