Google AdWords: hit your target with the Placement Tool

Similar to the Keyword Tool, the AdWords Placement Tool helps you locate placements to target on Google’s display network. Just like with the Keywords Tool, you can leverage this handy tool via words or phrases, a URL, or a category of websites that you’d like to place your ad in.

In the entry below, a placement has been requested based on the phrase “digital marketing agency” in Australia then set the advanced filters and options accordingly.

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Placement Tool

Once the keywords have been entered, simply hit search and the Placement Tool will return a list of possible websites, mobile sites, videos, games, and so on for your consideration.

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Considering that this tool generates suggestions, bear in mind the types of results you’d like to receive. The Exact match or phrase match option works best if you’re looking for specific types of placements. For a broader list of sites, you’d be better off selecting the category match.

Determining which match criteria to use can be tricky. When choosing the right website, in particular, searching for a specific site often yields only a handful of results. As such, it is therefore highly recommended to create campaigns around keyword themes and then carefully monitoring its performance. However, for longer running campaigns on larger scales, the Placement Tool comes in handy when discovering relevant sites, thus giving you the perfect opportunity to advertise to find your ideal customers.


1. We suggest you visit the sites you plan on advertising on. Get a feel for the audience that would use this site, review how other ads are being displayed. If you will be advertising here, how should your ads appear to achieve above average results.

2. Create separate campaigns for image ads and text ads on the display network. This will allow you to easily measure the performance between both formats.

3. Consider running managed placements across the display network. This is one area that many people go wrong. Remember the word “control” this what every Adwords advertiser can exercise yet many don’t. By using managed placements you control where your ads appear, no nasty surprises that do occur with automatic placements.

Consult a Professional

Whilst Google AdWords is free to use, unless you are willing to invest the time to learn the system, you will likely achieve below average results.

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