Digital Marketing Agency: Connecting you with your Customers

Find Your Ideal Customers is a new start up Digital Marketing Agency that is now offering services to the market with the following foundations:


  • 12 High Value Clients who are serious investors in the online space & know we can and do already deliver for them with a combined annual online marketing spend well above $3 million per year.
  • Over 30 years combined Marketing, Business management & Digital Marketing experience combined between company principles.
  • A team of 8 focussed Digital Marketing Professionals each with unique qualities and specialisations across Digital Services.


Tailored Solutions for most budgets – we work with small businesses needing a couple of leads per week as well as clients that are investing over $100k per month into Digital Marketing.




FYIC stand by the principle: “Our customers and staff are like family; we can’t do without you, and will always strive to do the best by you”
We look forward to helping your business prosper.


Best regards,
FYIC Company Principles